Happy New Year!!!

The new year has just begun and we would like to send out a message of hope and all good things for this coming year!

We finally completed all the things on our list of things needing to be finish by end of 2009, working until last day of December to get it done… It was a big relief knowing that we could start the new year fresh!

Our new year started out very peaceful even taking the time to cook some traditional Japanese new year’s food. It was soooooo nice to have a couple days off staying at home and doing absolutely nothing. After doing too much nothing, we decided to do some hiking and play Frisbee in the park. It is so good for mind and body to relax; enjoying the beauty of mother nature here in Hawaii.

There is so much exciting news to share…
We are going to be out promoting the CLAYCRAFT by DECO product line at the L.A Mart & CA Gift show which runs from Jan. 15~18. We have been invited to display in a 20″ x 20″ booth in the main exhibit hall of the L.A Convention Center. We will be flying out to L.A next week to set up the booth and get ready for the show. On this trip we are looking forward to introducing the new book, Clay Art for Special Occasions, CLAYCRAFT product line and DECO membership classes. We are very excited to have this opportunity to share our wonderful craft to a much larger audience.

Also, we have completed preparing for the new C3 Series 5 projects and will be offering classes in Japan in February. I will be back in Japan teaching for three weeks; with Hawaii classes  beginning in March.

This year, 2010 is the 10th anniversary of DECO CLAY CRAFT ACADEMY in Hawaii. Time flies way too fast! I am so happy that I could come this far and this has only been possible because of all the support and wonderful people, without them I couldn’t have come this far. At this moment, I don’t know exactly what would be the best way to celebrate this milestone, but I have to celebrate it somehow!!!! I just don’t think I have the time to pull off an event this year…. We’ll see……..



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