Happy Holidays

I hope you’re all having nice holiday season!!

I don’t like to admit that I have been very busy, but I have been…. How do you handle this crazy time before Christmas and end of year? There is so much to do!! But this is also time to look back and remember the friends and all those who help our business. I truly appreciate all the good things that happened in this year. I couldn’t have come this far without your continued support. Thank you very much for all your support!!!

I started to decorate the Christmas tree early this year. We hurried out th get a fresh tree because the news said supply would be low this year. So I went to pick up some new ornaments to decorate the house and make it feel more feel like Christmas. We invited our good friends over dinner at our house. It turned out to be very nice party and I must say, Tim’s food was yummy.

The studio has been pretty active for the month of December. We had so many students and instructors come to classes to work on the special holiday kits this year. We had few members who completed CII to become a new certified instructor. We are very excited for them!

I would also like to share some custom orders I worked on, one order was from mainland, she wanted a cake top for her wedding, the other one was a table center piece. I also took some time to make angels for gifts for someone special.

It has been a wonderful experience this year and  I truly enjoy having these opportunities with all of you.
Merry Christmas and may the year 2010 bring you happiness and be filled with peace.

Happy Holidays!!


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