Happy Easter!

Hello everyone!  I just got back last week, and my plate is already full.  I’m not complaining though, it’s good to be busy and back home! 🙂

You would think, by now, traveling and being gone a few weeks at a time would not phase me, on the contrary.  It still takes me a couple of days to get over the jet lag, (I have yet to find a way to avoid this-any suggestions?) and to get back to my normal routine.  It’s just not the same being away from home.  What I miss the most is sleeping in my own comfortable bed, cooking in my own kitchen, and just lying down on the couch to watch TV!  It’s also hard to eat “healthy” when you’re away from home, especially if you’re visiting a place that offers wonderful local cuisine, that’s hard to resist!  So, I promised myself this year that I will cook healthier meals at home and that I go to the gym more often, not only for the health benefits but for stress relief, as well.  I’m lucky that our gym offers a beautiful view of the beach and sunset…makes working out less tedious.

Also, classes at the studio have been steadily constant.   I’m excited to say that the number of certified instructors has grown.  We had 9 people who applied last year and we already have 5 this year.  I hope to see this number grow every year, so that we can share our unique craft to everyone not familiar with it.  It’s also a treat to see the improvement in everyone’s techniques thru sheer practice and applying them to their own unique style and creations.  I especially love seeing this thru the “exam” pieces that they submit for the instructor certification.

My Mother and I are so happy to have shared our ideas with you and we could not have come this far without the inspiring relationship we have with all of you.  YOUR passion truly inspires US to come up with more new ideas and designs!  So, look out for more new things this year! 🙂

Since Easter is coming up, I wanted to share this Easter egg(s) project I made last year.  Aren’t they cute?!  And very easy to make…just cover a Styrofoam egg (available at craft stores) with DECO clay, and decorate any way you wish.  This particular project can be seen in the book Clay Art for All Seasons.


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  1. Hasmin Cannon

    OMGosh Yukiko, they are sooo CUTE!