DECO studio in Tokyo, busy with classes…

For the past two weeks the DECO studio in Tokyo has been busy with classes. We have been teaching Christmas and New Year’s arrangements. Next week, once the Tokyo classes are finished, we will be moving to Osaka and Kyusyu.


It’s the fall season in Japan, the weather is so nice. We get to see the color of the leaves changing, the sunsets are very pretty and the food is so good! I love everything about Japanese food.

These pictures are of some projects that we are working on and some of the beautiful things my mother recently made. I am her biggest fan!



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  1. Piyali

    Hi this is piyali here from India , recently staying in Tokyo near nishi ojima . I want to learn your courses .will you please let me know the details about your courses

    • admin

      Sorry for not seeing and responding sooner… Are you still in need of info on classes? In the meantime here is our annual newsletter to inform on our activities.