…flowers blooming…

Time flies so fast since I got here in Tokyo… Almost 2 weeks already.

We have a nice breeze, good weather and a great chance to see so many flowers blooming everywhere this time of year.

I’ve been very busy with the C3 Series 7 classes and meeting with many participants of the 30th anniversary event.  We expect to have over 400 people apply; not to mention the instructors outside of Japan.  It is so exciting to have all these wonderful people moving forward in the same creative direction.  It will be the biggest and the best show ever, we have a lot of work ahead of us to make this a successful show.

After the Tokyo classes in two weeks, my mother & I are going to visit Osaka, Kyusyu, Sendai and Hokkaido for C3 classes and meetings.  This is truly a wonderful experience meeting all the instructors and getting to know everyone even more.

In between the classes, we went to see the Fall & Winter collection at the floral supplier.  We are planning to offer Christmas & New Year’s kits again this year.  We have some nice ideas from all the new items available for the upcoming holiday season.  Stay tuned for project pictures sometime late summer…..
I’m so crazy about all the fresh flowers around Japan!  It is peony season here in Japan; one of my favorite flowers….I couldn’t help to take so many pictures!
I will be here until end of June…then back to Hawaii…

🙂  Yukiko

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