…everlasting gratitude!

A few weeks past since the completion of the 30th Anniversary exhibition, but my memories of the great times are still clear and fresh!!
It was such an enjoyable and successful experience all thanks to everyone’s help and participation.  Amazing to see so many willing to help and join us in celebration – everlasting gratitude!

I would like to mention one of our newest publications to the DECO Collection – Our first ever theme inspired “Bear and Wreath” book, the newest addition to our repertoire, has great pictures of many Instructors’ projects – so many cute ideas to look through!!
This book has over 350 pages showcasing the artistry of each participant with its own theme from sunny tropical to romantic vintage, cute to the most mysterious, and East to West influence – so exciting! I feel that we able to capture the essence and personality of each Instructor through this publication. Congratulations to all who participated!

The following is a list of awards: BEAR Project Gold medal goes to Takako Hikita, Silver medal to Eriko Watanabe and Bronze medal to Yumi Miyata. In the WREATH Project the Gold medal goes to Ryuko Nitta, Silver medal to Atsuko Kido and Bronze medal to Naori Ikeda.  Great job to ALL the participants of the BEAR & Wreath book! You all deserve a gold medal!
Many new items such as the “Bear and Wreath” book will be available soon, so please check back occasionally for updates.

As you may all know, the year is almost coming to an end…!!  Time flies by so fast (especially when you are having this much fun)!  Oh’ yea, this means our Christmas and New Year’s Kits are on the way; arriving at the beginning of November.

Please stop by the studio to say “Hello” and I will keep everyone posted on these exciting upcoming projects!!


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