Don’t you just love this season?!

Hi Everyone!

How is your year going so far? This year has been flying by for us here…
I’m constantly trying to remind myself how important it is to remember to live in the moment and if I forget, Tim is there to remind me 🙂  It sounds too cliché, but everything goes too fast these days and we get so so busy with our everyday lives trying to accomplish all these daily tasks and goals we set for ourselves. O’ My! This can be a little overwhelming and occasionally feels like a whirlwind… That is why I feel I must live in the now and take a moment to just breathe and be grateful for everything… Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

This year, I am focusing on a much healthier lifestyle and trying to learn a lot about the things I can do to be well. Simple things really; eat well, get better sleep and enjoy more exercise…. Tim has been my mentor for healthy cooking and an inspiration for a great whole food diet.
I am amazed, that by just eating simpler unprocessed foods, that I have already noticed many positive changes. I really believe that you are what you eat. We love to have a few servings of green juice everyday and use a wide variety of vegetables and plant based proteins.

Have you ever experienced the wonders of aromatherapy? This has been a very enjoyable study for me and compliments all the other positive changes in my daily life. Besides, it smells really good! For exercise, I have met wonderful pilates instructor who teaches me about proper body posture and the connection between the mind and body.
And walking with Chip everyday has been great for us; he can never have enough activity…

DECO is growing every year and we are very excited with all the new opportunities and our classes are going very well. I am also grateful having such a wonderful team who bring such a dynamic creative energy!!! Thank you to all involved in this art we love so much!

It is spring and I hope the power of nature is blooming all around you!!!
Soon to be my favorite time of the year… Peonys!!!



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