DECO Japan Open House Gallery

We are still filled with so much excitement and joy from the DECO 35th celebration! First, we would like to thank everyone who came to view our Open Gallery. The Open Gallery received many visitors and it was great to see everyone. Thank you for coming by! Also, a great thank you to those who offered their pieces for display.


We had the assistance of an amazing team who managed to create an area to showcase beautiful artwork in such short time! The whole process was so smooth and with great teamwork! Great job everyone!

At the Open Gallery, we showcased some of the amazing artwork from the 35th Anniversary Gallery book as well as few of the table centerpieces of the anniversary gala.

Seeing the actual artwork in person made us realize once AGAIN how much dedication and time was put into each project. Thank you ALL for this love and dedication of DECO! Your talents inspire us so much and we will work to continue to inspire each other with DECO.

For those who were unable to visit our Open Gallery this time, here are some photos of the event. Please enjoy!!

01.DECO.Open.House 02.DECO.Open.House 03.DECO.Open.House 04.DECO.Open.House 05.DECO.Open.House 06.DECO.Open.House 07.DECO.Open.House 08.DECO.Open.House 09.DECO.Open.House 10.DECO.Open.House 11.DECO.Open.House 12.DECO.Open.House 13.DECO.Open.House 14.DECO.Open.House 15.DECO.Open.House 16.DECO.Open.House 17.DECO.Open.House 18.DECO.Open.House 19.DECO.Open.House

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  1. Tatiana


  2. Leny davies

    Hi. Im from the Philippines and I would very much like to learn more about the art of clay flowers. Do you offer online tutorials?
    Thank you very much

    • admin

      Hi Leny,

      Thank you very much for contacting us. We are happy to hear of your interest in the enrolling in DECO Classes. Unfortunately, we do not offer online tutorials or online classes at this time, however if you are able to travel, we have many Certified DECO Instructors worldwide that offer hands-on learning. Please feel free to visit our class page at for instructor locations or contact us directly at for more information.

      All the best,

  3. Sulser barbars

    Guten Tag ich möchte Sie fragen. Gibt es auch lehrerin der Schweiz?
    Mit lieben Grüssen aus der Schweiz

    • admin

      Hi Sulser,

      Thank you for contacting us. Luckily, we do have a Certified DECO Instructor in Switzerland. Her name is Enkhtsetseg Tserenbadam. Please feel free to contact her at TS.ENKHE@GMAIL.COM
      You may also find more of her details through our classes webpage at
      If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to help you.

      All the best,