DECO Japan Annual New Years party…

The DECO Japan Annual New Years party turned out very nice here in Tokyo.  About 100 instructors attended the party and had a wonderful luncheon cruising on a boat looking over the Tokyo Bay.  It was great to see everyone’s smile and having so much fun!!
During the party we got to hear my Mother’s Life Story speech of past challenges to present success. I was really moved by what she has done and with all the help of the instructors who have been with here for 30 years or more.  Now, I have chosen for myself to walk in her footsteps and work ever closer with her.  I know there is so much to learn and a long way to go until I become close to being like my Mother, but I do believe that I have the same passion she had and still does when she was my age- a very strong passion about the DECO Clay Art. This will definitely keep me going!!  I am so grateful to be able to work with my Mother and looking forward to what life will bring us.
I am in Kyusyu now, about one hour half flight from Tokyo!! My Mother and I here assisting with the BEAUTIFUL project pieces for the Kyusyu Instructors and after this, three more classes in Osaka before heading back to Hawaii…


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