DECO in Moscow, Russia

We just returned from 7 days in Moscow… During the trip we held DECO Curriculum 3 classes with the final day of a figurine workshop by my mother. It was our first time to visit Moscow and was such a memorable and rewarding experience. We were able to meet with more than 30 DECO certified instructors form all over Russia, Ukraine, Norwary and Kazan. 

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My mother and I couldn’t believe how the instructor base has been growing in this area of the world! Thank you so much for everyone who came to attend our classes and also stopped by to say “Hello”. We had so much fun meeting so many wonderful people and being greeted with such warm hospitality during our entire stay. 

Thank you so much to Olga Petrova and her team for organizing these workshops and all their support! We were treated to so much great food and friendship and can’t thank everyone enough for all you do!!!
To assist in the language barrier we had the assistance of Irina who was able to communicate in Russian, Japanese and English. This gave us a chance to have great conversations and to share many wonderful stories. Thank you so much Irina for helping us to bridge this gap!!!
After four days of workshops we received a special invitation to visit Zosya Volkhonskaya and her students at their class location.
In total there were more than 30 students, as well as family members. Everyone had prepared such amazing food and drinks for all to enjoy together with the warmth of everyone’ s hospitality. Thank you so much for making our experience in Russia unforgettable!
After workshop, we also had a free day to see some of Moscow’s most famous places. There is so much to see and do and we truly enjoyed everything about Russia!

I just noticed that today is November 11, 2011 and I am writing this blog entry at 1:11. That’s a lot of 11’s!

See you soon!

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