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Hi All!

With the event just days away there is a major buzz around the Japan DECO office!  I am working towards completion of the final display pieces and hope to have everything all wrapped up by Friday this week.  Wish me luck 🙂
Everyday shipments are arriving with the merchandise and display pieces…  We just recieved the DECO class bag and it looks so good!  It’s pretty large and should hold all the goodies needed for class projects… We chose a deep brown material and Tim came up with a DECO logo that resembles an old fashioned tag style.  These will be available at the show and online soon after… Lots more things to share soon…
Sometime ago I mentioned working on a book with NHK publishing… it finally arrived!  When I was approached with this idea I wasn’t sure if there would be enough time, but when NHK askes you to make a book you jump at the opportunity.  And I am so happy that I had this chance!  This publication turned out so nice; all 80 pages are filled with 13 flowers and 23 different projects!  Although this first printing is in Japanese, there are lots of easy to follow step-by-step and we are working on an English version for next year.
The title is Flower Gift and incorporates many gift giving themes and ideas for using clay flowers.

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