We are so excited to announce the first ever!
for our family of members & instructors!

Contest Categories:

  • Modeling Course Theme – Clay Weaving
    Weaving design not limited to baskets, but also wall designs, objects, vines, etc. We encourage you to combine flowers and fruits as well.
  • Flower Course Theme – Hand-Tied Bouquet
    Bouquets made from stem flowers and assembled for that someone special.
  • Personal Style Gift Course – Love Cake
    Single-tier cake. Minimum size: 15cm in height and 12cm in diameter.
    Wedding, birthday or seasonal event theme.

Application Deadline: August 31, 2019
Award Ranking:
· Gold – 1 winner per course/category
· Silver – 1 winner per course/category
· Special recognition awards (TBA)
Entry Categories:
· Instructors
· Members
· Group submission (All Members and Instructors welcomed)

Contest Result Announcement:
Contest result will be announced at the end of September 2019 on the DECO website, Social Media and the 2020 DECO Newsletter. Winners will be selected by Instructor and non-Instructor levels and will receive original DECO limited edition goods!

More contest information to be announced on the DECO official website and Instagram! &

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