We are so excited to announce the first ever!
DECO CREATORS CONTEST 2019 for our family of

members & instructors!
Application Deadline: August 31, 2019

Award Ranking:

  • Gold  – 1 winner per course/category
  • Silver – 1 winner per course/category
  • Special Recognition Awards (TBA)

Entry Categories:

  • Instructors
  • Members
  • Group submission (All Members and Instructors welcomed)

Contest Categories by Course:

Modeling Course Theme – Clay Weaving
Weaving design not limited to baskets, but also wall designs, objects, vines, etc.
We encourage you to combine flowers and fruits as well.

Flower Course Theme – Hand-Tied Bouquet
Bouquets made from stem flowers and assembled for that someone special.

Personal Style Gift Course – Love Cake
Single-tier cake. Minimum size: 15cm in height and 12cm in diameter.
Wedding, birthday or seasonal event theme.

Application Details:

  1. Please select a theme from a course you are enrolled or certified. (Multiple category entries are allowed)
  2. Design ideas are completely open to your desire and creative inspiration.

Application Procedure:

This contest is FREE to all DECO members!
It is not necessary to send your actual creation, submissions are by photograph only.
Please send below items via e-mail.  e-mail:

  1. Contest Category – Modeling, Flower, Personal Style Gift
  2. Contestants Name (For group entry, please list group leader and all members of the group)
  3. Completed Courses and Instructor certification number (If Instructor) Modeling, Flower Personal Style Gift
  4. Phone Number
  5. Address
  6. Title of Work
  7. Dimensions: length, width and height
  8. Photos of work (please attach to e-mail)

Application Submission: e-mail:

  • Please list name and title of work in the subject of the e-mail

Contest Result Announcement:
Contest result will be announced at the end of September 2019 on the DECO website, Social Media and the 2020 DECO Newsletter.
Winners will be selected by Instructor and non-Instructor levels and will receive original DECO limited edition goods!

More contest information to be announced on the DECO official website and Instagram! &

  • Please use these HASHTAGS in your social media posts!


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