DECO Clay Craft Academy 30th Event = 36,000+ visitors !!!

The DECO Clay Craft Academy 30th Anniversary Exhibition was an amazing success due to the support and effort of all those involved!!!  A turnout of over 36,000 visitors during the 6 days became a new record for the Mastuya Department store! It was just amazing to see how many people visited from near and far. Thank you!
My mother, all of the DECO Clay Craft Academy staff, and I would like to personally thank everyone for the breathtakingly beautiful displays and to all those  involved in organizing this event. Due to such great teamwork of the DECO instructors base, our head office staff, Matsuya Ginza department store management and TV Asahi our dreams have become a reality…. 

We were so blessed to have instructors join from all over Japan, Hawaii, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Georgia and California. This is absolutely the most wonderful experience of a lifetime; one we will ALWAYS remember!!!

To celebrate this monumental moment, we decided that the Imperial Hotel would be fitting for such an occasion. On September 28th we joined together with 300 guests for a night of fine dinning and entertainment. We were fortunate to have a the very famous Hayami Yu sing and entertain, as well as, Chino Shio as the MC for the event.  It was an amazing time with elegant dress, great food, drink and laughter.

Thank you again for everything! We sincerely appreciate your support and the kind messages by email and FaceBook from those who were not able to attend. We are sharing many pictures on our FaceBook page, please visit if you have a chance!!!  Now that the show is over we are seeing a huge response for those who want to experience creating with CLAYCRAFT by DECO clay and to join membership classes. Visit the DECO Clay Craft Academy certified instructor listings in Japan and International.  The phone has never stopped ringing since last week!!!

Suddenly it has started to get much cooler with the arrival of the fall season here in Japan.  Time for onsen (hot springs)?

Our heartfelt THANK YOU to you!

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