DECO C3 Skill-up Lesson – Iris

Happy New Year! 2024 is already here and we have been very busy the last couple of months preparing for all the exciting things we have in store for you this year! We are kicking off 2024 with the C3 Iris skill-up lesson. Iris flowers are a favorite of many, but it’s always been a challenge to create a realistic-looking iris out of clay. Since the 40th Anniversary, I have spent much time studying the iris flower and am excited to share the new techniques with you! Now, you too will be able to make realistic iris flowers in so many different varieties more easily! We can’t wait to see your iris flower clay creations.

Iris (open flower, bud, leaves, assembly and arrangement)

Video Purchase Period: Available Now!
Eligibility: Active DECO Flower Course instructor (annual fee paid)
Video Availability: Beginning January 12th, access is limited to 3 months from the date of initial viewing
Price: $70 USD
Topics Covered: In this lesson, you’ll learn how to make everything from the bud, open flower, leaves, painting techniques, assembling various stem combinations, and finally how to arrange using different methods.

Please Note: For 2024, we have decided not to add English subtitles on the online lessons. Instead, we are offering detailed instructions to go along with the Japanese language video. This saves you the time from having to create your own notes. Feel free to use these and add to them as you like! We hope that you find this more helpful when taking the online lessons.

C3 Skill-up Lesson – Iris
Materials and Tools

Clay: CLAYCRAFT by DECO Soft Clay and Silky Smooth Clay

Molds: Leaf Mold D, Hibiscus silicone mold, Rosa Rugosa petal silicone mold, Lily of the Valley leaf mold, plastic sheets

Basic Tools: Craft glue, hadaka #16, #18, jimaki #26 green, #28 white wires, light green floral tape, small round detail stick, fine line detail stick, detail scissors, curved scissors, wire cutters, tapered needle tool, long press bar, various paint brushes, isopropyl alcohol, palette paper, drying foam, M drying form

Paints: w. gesso, hookers green, evergreen, ultramarine blue, v. lime, p. yellow, p. yellow-orange, q. magenta, medium magenta, deep purple.

Pastel Powders: fern, forest, yellow, violet

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