Creative Mode

Hope all is well for you!
With the new Tropical and Creative Courses coming up, we decided it would be good to get a head-start on training. My mother, Naori and Naoko have come to Hawaii for about 10 days of clay time. It has been a great opportunity to have this team all together in such a creative mode! I’m so thankful they could come to make this happen!
We start early and before we know it the sun is setting… Although it is a lot of work, everyone is enjoying the new course offerings. A special thank you to Chenli for putting so much of your heart into these pieces and training!!!
6a010534a0eb9e970b017ee85143ab970dCreative and Tropical Course Classes are scheduled to begin the middle of March in Tokyo and moving to Osaka and Kyushu shortly after. I’m very excited to see everyone and share what we have been enjoying working on…

Well, I must be getting back to class… see you soon…

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