For over 35 years, the DECO Clay Craft Academy has been sharing the knowledge of clay crafting and expanding this art and our craft throughout the world. Master classes are currently available in over 40 countries!

The success and growth of DECO today is directly attributed to all of the dedicated Certified Instructors and members. See listings below for locations and class offerings.

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India - Chennai, Tamilnadu
Jenifer Selvaraj
Instructor since 2008

Chennai, Tamilnadu India
Ph. +91-9962455111 / +91-9600095632
Instagram CJM Decors

Certified to teach:

  • Flower Course Curriculum I & II
  • Flower Course Curriculum III
  • Modeling Course Curriculum I & II
  • Tropical Flower Course I
  • Tropical Flower Course II
  • Creative Course Curriculum I
  • Introductory Discovery Classes
  • Private and Group Classes
  • Custom Orders
  • Retail: Product & Supplies
  • Classes offered in Japanese, English, and Tamil


Jenifer had a love for arts & crafts since childhood.  Her strong passion for the arts and her motivation to learn the Japanese culture during her eight years of residency in Japan has driven her to learn the unique crafting of DECO Clay. She started her journey in 2006 and has been an ardent lover of DECO, teaching and promoting it since.

What is your most memorable achievement(s) with DECO?
My most memorable achievements with DECO is becoming the first Indian student in 2006, becoming the first Indian DECO Instructor in 2008, and holding DECO exhibitions in India since 2011 along with Consulate General of Japan, Chennai.

What is your favorite thing to create with clay?
I enjoy creating contemporary floral arrangements, wall decors, and earrings.

What are your future goals as a DECO Instructor?
My future goals as a DECO Instructor are to spread this lovely Japanese clay art to Indians as well as Japanese living in India through teaching, become a "Master Instructor", and to do Indian Wedding Stage Decoration using only DECO Clay Flowers (Long term goal).

Deco certified instructors for May 2024

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Honolulu Academy

Practical and decorative art pieces that are one-of-a-kind which can easily made by anyone, have been the main focus of our development.

Classes are held in two-hour intervals with a maximum of six students in each class, allowing every student the opportunity to receive as much assistance as possible. We also offer private classes by appointment. Refer to the Learn How page for additional information on the types of classes offered.

Studio Hours

Mon & Tue: 9am - 5pm
Wed:  by appointment
Thur - Fri: 9am - 5pm
Sat*: 9am - 5pm *

*when class scheduled


1016 Kapahulu Avenue, Suite 280
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Phone: 808-735-7800

Class Dates & time

Mon: 10am - 12pm
3:30pm - 5:30pm
Thur: 10am - 12pm
Fri: 10am - 12pm
Sat: 9:30am - 11:30am
1:30pm - 3:30pm
Private and Group Classes upon request: Times and days flexible.

Download class schedule here

Tokyo Academy

Studio Hours

Tokyo Studio
Mon & Fri: 9am - 5pm

*when class scheduled


5-2-6 Kiba, Koto - Ku, Tokyo
Japan 135 - 0042

Phone: (+81) 3-3630-2082
Fax: (+81) 3-3630-2024

Upcoming Events

  • Personal Style Gift Course

    We are happy to announce that the Personal Style Gift Course classes are in full swing. Please contact us for more information on this popular course offering.