California Instructor C3 Classes…

We just came back from teaching the new projects of C3 Instructors classes in San Francisco, California.  It was an intensive 4 day course, and everyone’s projects came out beautifully!  Thank you for all your hard work everyone!

I was happy to see old friends and welcome new instructors.  Diane Philips, long time instructor and owner of DK designs (, Sumi Fu (, came from Southern California to learn the new projects, and Myrna Lu ( came all the way from New Jersey!  Candy Lam (, and Denise Winkelstein attended the CIII classes as well.  Long time friend, Ken Delbeek ( was also there to learn the new C3 techniques. Welcome to Rebecca Tam to her first intensive C3 classes with me.  It was wonderful to see everyone advancing even further into the art.  If anyone would like to contact them, please visit their personal website or from our website under They will be happy to hear from you…
Although our trip to California was super busy, Tim and I were able to visit the city and sneak in some shopping time. Unfortunately, we do not have any pictures of leisure time, but please enjoy the pictures taken of the California C3 classes and our lunch break at Red Robin with all the instructors (sorry no big red birthday bird Diane).   We will definitely visit California again in the near future!

We recently changed our place of residence and even though this was a good learning experience, I hope we won’t ever have to do it again… No more moving…


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