California Classes

Our time in LA went so fast! We spent a great week with DECO members and instructors as well as meeting many who came to our classes. For these classes we were rented a space in The Reef, formerly the LA Mart.  This is a very cool place many different types of events and showrooms full of home interior goods. Thank you so much to the team of the LA Maker City! It was a joy to work with this team and hope to do it again very soon… If you are looking for co-working space or need a studio in downtown LA, please don’t hesitate to call on them. They have something like 60,000 square feet of space that is being developed into a creative hub for the city. More details can be found here: Please tell them DECO sent you.
DECO.LA.05022014.0111We would like to thank you everyone who came to the classes and for all your hard work and dedication!!! There was a lot of information and techniques to cover in such a short time and I was so happy to share all these new techniques as well as many new creations. We are so grateful to have this opportunity to share our art in this format!

California Classes

It has been almost 5 years since we visited California to offer classes and it was great opportunity to begin classes here again. I realize how important it is to keep our DECO community engaged and we are planning more of these classes very soon.  Holding these classes is a great chance to pass on new techniques to our current members and instructors. Of course, we are always trying our best to introduce DECO to people who don’t know about this craft.

We are going to have a workshop near Atlanta GA this August, if you are interested in classes, please let us know!

Tim & I always enjoy our time in California, this time we rented a room in a house in the Hollywood area close to some cool stores and restaurants.  In the evening we took time to walk around. I truly enjoyed seeing so many beautiful succulents and all kinds of delicate roses everywhere. We found so many different types of plants, trees and flowers on our strolls. On the last day we took a drive down the coast… It was such a great day to unplug and just enjoy the day!
DECO.LA.05022014.02I will be heading to Japan this month in order to offer lessons on the new spring arrangement. This is proving to be a very popular project and can’t wait to share with all of you there! Promise to share more pictures soon!


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