C3 classes in the Bay Area, CA

My mother and I had such a nice time meeting all the instructors who attended our C3 classes in the Bay Area, CA. We have been planning to meet the instructors in the mainland for a while; the number of new instructors has been growing.  Teaching the new C3 curriculum began this year and we have been creating new techniques and projects for those who completed both C1 & C2 to become certified instructors.  It is our goal to support and teach all the instructors and this was great opportunity to get everyone together. There was such a nice group of ladies who attended these classes; many of them are from the Bay area, some from southern CA, one from Georgia and New Jersey. Even thought the classes were very intensive and squeezed together in a short amount of time, they all did wonderful work. We were so impressed with everyone’s dedication to manage everything we had planned. It was very nice to spend the week together working on what we all really enjoy.

Diane also invited us to teach at her house one evening. Diane is one of our certified instructors in San Jose and she is one of the first students who came for classes when I opened my studio. She has been very dedicated to our craft and her business has been growing due to all her hard work and talent, I am very happy for her success. She invited such a nice group of students to the workshop; it was great to meet everyone.

A special thank you to Denise and Charles for letting us to use their beautiful home; it was truly our treat to be able to use such a beautiful space and have there support. Thank you so much! Our trip of 9 days went so fast in the Bay area and San Francisco. The town of San Francisco is such a unique town with all the famous hills and beautiful views of the bay. I really love the historical buildings and houses…of course there are tons places to hang out here… cafes, good restaurant and shopping!!!  I wish I could have spent more time to look around all these cool places; I will definitely keep that on my list for next time.

Once we get back to Honolulu, we will be teaching the C3 series 4 classes to the instructors in Hawaii.  It has been very rewarding teaching this new curriculum this year.  Seeing everyone completing these projects has been a great experience of my own as well.  I look forward to next year and the beginning of the next series of the C3 classes.

Yes, it has been a very busy year of traveling; I don’t have anymore travel plans until January of next year! I will put my focus to the holiday projects and finishing up some custom orders. I look forward to enjoying Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. I wish everyone a happy fall season!

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