Bright sunny day here in Honolulu!

Recently I was watching the Tour de France with Tim and what impressed me mostly was all the team work involved to get through this race; such a long race… In the beginning I just enjoyed watching the great scenery of and Lance Armstrong! More I watched and having Tim explain to me all about the race… I was so amazed and I couldn’t miss any of it. Thanks to TIVO, we watched all the way to the end. Team work is everything in this race. And I relate this to my life. All the people who support and great friendships I have, I am so thankful and appreciative!!! If ever there is a chance, I would love to visit France again; what a beautiful country. This is definitely my list for the next five years!

The DECO studio is having a very busy summer! We have Tanya, Elena and Olga visiting from Russia. Olga came to Hawaii two years ago to complete our membership course. Now she is back to start her CIII course. Ever since she became the first instructor in Russia, her business grew and grew with all her hard work. She opened the eyes of the Russian people to DECO and they are very good with this art. The interest is expanding so much because of her and many other instructors. We all are excited with this great opportunity and to be able to meet so many people around the world. Through our DECO we will keep moving forward….

Between busy summer schedules, we took off to neighbor island. We had such a great time just relaxing on the beautiful island of Maui and Lanai. Eating great food, Yoga, jump in the water, hiking, tennis and good sleep. It was the perfect relaxation trip and just in time!

I’m heading to Japan tomorrow… It will be very exciting to meet all the participants and start working on everyone’s projects for 30th event. Thank you to all instructors who have sent their application form for our 30th event. Everyone in Japan is so thrilled having you participate.

Thank you all so much!


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