Since returning from Japan I have been fortunate to be influenced to spend quality time with some visiting friends and relatives.  My good friend from Japan has come for a short visit and Tim’s mother is staying for a little while.
This has been a great excuse to do some things I always want to do, but somehow don’t do too much… We have been able to go on hikes, head to the beach and even get in some yoga classes!  It makes all the difference in my attitude when I get some exercise;  I feel like I can focus better on work and get really good sleep.
The weather has been really beautiful here in Hawaii; a huge difference from the weather I left in Japan.  Some years the winter in Hawaii can be really rainy. Except for the occasional downpour, it has been the clearest warmest winter I can remember in a long time.  The whales are just now beginning to make the annual appearance in the waters here.  I think they are just amazing!!!
It has not all been play time, I have found the time to begin working on a couple key projects for the 30th exhibit.  To document and commemorate this event we are publishing 2 books; one will be showcasing bears and wreathes and the other will focus on the main exhibit pieces of the more than 400 participants.  I am doing my best to make something that will bring a smile to the viewer… Hope you like them! The books will be available from the first day of the show and listed on our web site soon after.

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