Back from Japan

I just came back from completing DECO Modeling Course 2 intensive classes and review classes for all the instructors in Japan. We had over 250 instructors who participated in these classes during our time in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyusyu.
We also had several international instructors came from USA, Russia and Ukraine. They all learned our newest technique and completed so many beautiful projects. It is always so nice to see everyone and we receive so much great energy from everyone. Thank you so much to you All!!!

Since I came back, there is much going on at the Hawaii studio… The new DECO studio has been super busy with renovations in order to get ready. We are very fortunate to have so many talented tradesmen handling the construction!
We are so excited about our new space and can’t wait for the opening day!!!! We will announce the date soon!!!

Tim and I have new puppy now and his name is Chip! He is already 4 months old and growing so fast! I couldn’t believe how much he grew after I came back from my trip. I missed a part of puppy time, but there is still plenty… He is an Australian Shepard and full of energy – need a lots of exercise. We have been busy getting up in early morning to walk him & play. He needs fed three times a day!!! It sounds crazy with our busy schedule, but somehow it all works out and we truly enjoy having him!

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