Back from Hong Kong

Hello!  Sorry for the delay in posting, but we’ve been busy, busy, busy!

We have just completed our 15 days of classes in Japan.  The last three weeks focused on the first series of the new C3 classes, which everyone embraced right away and enjoyed.  I will be back again in May to teach the second series of C3 and will be returning to Tokyo, Kyushu and Osaka.  Again, it was nice to see everyone and that the classes were a success.



My Mother and I are now in Hong Kong!  We have just returned to our hotel after finishing up the first of four classes at the Hong Kong Clay Craft Academy.  Our hosts Rita, Karen and Dorothy have been teaching at the Hong Kong location for over 10 years.  They have a wide range of clay classes being offered at their studio and it’s amazing to see their extensive display of their creations in all shapes and sizes.  We have been fortunate that every time we come to Hong Kong to teach, Rita, Karen and Dorothy offer their studio for our classes.  🙂  So, if you ever come to Hong Kong, make sure to stop by at the Hong Kong Clay Craft Academy to see their work!  By the way, Rita’s husband also has a studio within the Hong Kong Clay Craft Academy.  His talent lies in painting and drawing, focusing on MANGA art.


Today was a hazy and rainy day in Hong Kong, but it didn’t dampen this exciting and busy city!  So many high rise buildings, busy streets, cars and people!  Looking forward to getting some authentic regional Hong Kong cuisine tonight…yummy!


Before leaving Japan, I saw signs of spring at a park, near the DECO studio in Tokyo.  By the time we get back from Hong Kong, the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom.  I promise to take pictures to share with all of you, so you can see this spectacular display, which only happens once a year!


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  1. Shahida (Singapore)

    Hi Yukiko…
    I had a good time attended the tropical flowers course with you in HK. And my its been great and pleasure to meet up with you, Tim and not to forget your mum Miyai Sinseh. I do hope we meet again soon..

  2. Hasmin Cannon

    Wow, amazing works in miniature!
    Pretty photo of you and the cherry blossoms. 🙂

  3. Joanna Law

    My dear teacher Miyai Sensei and Yukiko Sensei, and Tim,
    Thank you very much for sharing new technique of Creative Course and Tropical Flower Course with us during the 4 days in Hong Kong. It was the most wonderful time in my clay study life. I am busy to practice all the technique learnt these days. ^0^ I do hope to meet you again very soon. And again, 有難うございます。
    Your student
    Joanna Law
    Hong Kong