As summer approaches…

Just back from a three week trip in Japan were the DECO Japan head office instructors and I taught seasonal arrangements and Tropical II classes in Kyushu, Osaka and Tokyo. This was the first spring seasonal project from the DECO Clay Craft Academy!
DECO.06.06.2014.05The seasonal project covers new techniques of succulents, Anemone, English rose, Lily of the valley, berries, air plant, basil & oregano leaves.DECO.06.06.2014.06 In addition to all these flowers my mother taught a very cute Rabbit with flower bulb!DECO.06.06.2014.08

Last year, while working on the 2014 DECO calendar projects, I had a chance to create so many new flowers. This is when I came up with the idea of creating the new techniques encased in this spring project. In order to share these new projects as soon as possible we immediately began planning these classes making them available to all DECO instructors. The first classes began in Hawaii and California. Instructors in Japan have now had a chance and we will continue to teach this project in Atlanta, Moscow and Taipei by end of year.

I am so excited to see the smiles that come with these completed flowers! I really learn so much from everyone and find something new every time I share DECO techniques. Life is a circle of giving and receiving… In our ongoing Tropical II classes, many instructors completed very beautiful tropical flower bouquets! Great work everyone!!!


A perfect season was for these beautiful flowers! Here are a few instructor class participants. I’m sorry that we were not able to get a picture of each of you… as you know things just gets really busy and then the regret of not taking your photo…

This trip in Japan was nonstop with teaching during the week, but there was a chance to have a weekend in the countryside during Tim’s trip to meet with the engineers of our new computer system. So what else would you do…? We went to plant rice… I guess we like to labor.  Tim, Masa (DECO Japan web site designer) and I went to Hakushu, Yamanashi where we could enjoy beautiful Mother nature wrapped in the Japan Alps. DECO.06.06.2014.01These beautiful mountains feed pure water to the rivers which then are delivered by these amazing channels and finally into the rice fields waiting below.

Amazingly, none of us had ever planted rice. The first step into the squishy mud was one to remember… I was sure that I would tip over face first into the mud soup… would have been a moment.
DECO.06.06.2014.04 Rice planting is by-no-means easy, but together we managed to complete the task! Having had this opportunity changed the way we see rice. I won’t be leaving even one grain on my plate from now on… A great big thank you to all the farmers, with the help of nature, provide this life giving grain on a yearly basis! Also huge thanks to Takahashi-san from Vege+Co and Make a Difference for inviting us to participate! We all had a great time with this new experience in this beautiful place. Can’t wait to eat the rice we planted! 5kg for each pair of hands…

As if this were not enough…
We are getting ready to launch our new website!

Tim has been working so hard together with a wonderful design team since last year… I can’t wait to share this with everyone! Coming very soon…

Hawaii office is in good energy and busy with many things. Now the August Made in Hawaii event is a main focus. Chenli has bee filling up our soon to be flower shop with bunches of long stem flowers. We do hope you will be able to come to the event which is held from the 15~17 at the Blaisdell Center in Honolulu.

I will close for now and look forward to seeing you all very soon… Enjoy the summer!


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