An early February day…

Hello Everyone!

I would like to wish everyone an early Happy Valentine’s Day! Is it too early to say this??? I get a bit too excited about this very special and romantic day! What else was I to do but make something that reflects the feeling of this day… Chenli has made the most perfect roses and I added some fun hearts and other details…

The DECO Modeling Course renewal is in full swing and from the reactions so far, we think this will be so rewarding and fun for everyone! The first edition of the Modeling Course came out many years ago and even though it was a very well designed course, we thought we could improve upon the techniques and designs.

With the ability to create these pieces with our softer CLAYCRAFT by DECO clay line, these projects can be made a lot easier and in less time.
The lessons for this course begins in March in Japan and everywhere else in April… Many international students will be taking the classes in Tokyo and we are very excited to have them join!

In a previous post I had mentioned that the Mitsukoshi store in Nihonbashi was holding a DECO exhibition… We would like to thank everyone for their support and all those who came to see the show! Thank you, Thank you!

On a personal note: We decided to make a few color changes on the house and we found that by digging deeper, we needed to replace some wood and take care of water damage that had occurred over the years. Nothing too major, but a little extra stress… I am so looking forward to the paint being spread… Thank you to an amazing crew that is able to not only doing a great job, but able to have the patience answer all my silly questions…
Thank you Guys!

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