A quick post…

It was a very nice turned out for the Mission House Holiday Craft Fair. Thank you so much for Gary and Chenli who were there to take care of our booth for two days. They made many beautiful pieces for sell and there were a lot of customers stopping by, many who came last year. And also thank you to Lynn and Bob who participated in this fair to make our booth very pretty with their pieces.

Since finishing the craft fair, Chenli and I were very busy trying to finish the Macy’s order. We we needed to finish 50+ pieces of merchandise in time for the holiday season. We have sold quite a number of pieces to Macy’s this year, I have to say it has been big challenge and responsibility to make pieces suitable for such a big retail store. Every time we complete an order and drop them off we feel so relieved. I can’t tell you how happy I was to finish this last BIG order for the year! Cheli has been such a big help to complete these orders. We have been such a great team! A great BIG thanks to Cheli for all your hard work!


Tim and I have been designing the 2010 DECO Clay Craft Academy Japanese newsletter. The Japan office mails over 7000 copies to each one of the members at the beginning of every year. It has been lots of late nights working on editing and designing this issue. It is almost completed and ready to send to print! One more proof!!! It may take a little while, but we hope to translate to English and share this newsletter to the DECO members who live in the US.




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