A long overdo trip to Taipei, Taiwain…

We had such a wonderful time in Taiwan after a long 10 year absence. We promise to not wait this long again… DECO has a 15+ year history of offering instruction and products in Taiwan.  A very special thank you to Andy, Jenny, Joanna and Jenny for arranging this trip and for your continued support!    DECO.Taiwain.12.12.2014.0111 And of course an great big THANKS to Julia for taking care of so many details… DECO.Taiwain.12.12.2014.011Andy and Jenny are a husband and wife team along with staff, Joanna and Jenny, of our sole DECO distribution in Taipei.

Kazuko was delighted to meet so many instructors from past years and many newly certified instructors. DECO.Taiwain.12.12.2014.0222The excitement was contagious with everyone very eager to learn new flower techniques that have been developed in our DECO curriculum system in recent years. DECO.Taiwain.12.12.2014.05It was our pleasure to share the Spring arrangement project that we developed this year. DECO.Taiwain.12.12.2014.3This trip was packed with 3 days of workshops, great food, great people and a bit of Taipei sight-seeing.  DECO.Taiwain.12.12.2014.022It was an amazing time, which left our hearts full of joy and warmth from so many wonderful people. DECO.Taiwain.12.12.2014.01DECO.Taiwain.12.12.2014.33 As for the city, we could not believe how much the city had changed with all the modernization that can rival that of what you will find in Tokyo!

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