A great show!!!

The 20th anniversary of the Made in Hawaii Festival was so much fun! A great show!!!  We were happy to meet so many friends old and new.

DECO.08.21.2014.03Thank you for your encouragement and friendship, we look forward to the next time we meet.

It’s amazing to see that the DECO Clay Craft Academy has reached so many people during our years here in Hawaii.  DECO.08.21.2014.01Those who saw the possibilities of this air dry clay craft for the first time were eager to learn more. It’s great to see the amazement that comes from seeing these clay flowers for the first time. This is such an inspiration to us all.

Team DECO Hawaii has been working very hard towards this event for the last several months… Countless hours creating new pieces to have on display and items for sale…   We did it Chenli! Thank you sooooo much!

We set out to create a flower shop with many varieties of long stem flowers. Our booth was full of color and looked amazing! DECO.08.21.2014.02We wanted to offer customers a chance to create their own style and theme by selecting just the right ones. To display everything we search for vintage wooden crates and worked them into a rustic feel – perfect match with such colorful clay flowers. So real that many had to take a smell and feel.  All are welcome to touch and smell to your hearts delight.

Thank you so much for coming to see us and for all the messages from those who were not able to make it. A big Aloha to all those who help us to make this all possible!!! You are all so amazing!

As with seasons the projects too never end… next is our 2015 calendar. The entire DECO team is all involved in the inspiration and creation of the calendar pieces. We are all so excited and doing our best work from figurines to flowers and everything in-between.  We will share some of sneak-peek photos soon!

Our best to all of you,

DECO Clay Craft Academy

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