A great BIG Thank You to all the participants…

With the completion of the Moscow, Russia classes I am feeling little overwhelmed and very relieved that everything turned out so well! We truly had a wonderful time in these classes! Going into this event I was determined to give 120% of my effort and energy to each and every student… in return I feel like I got 150% of this energy back from everyone. Your enthusiasm and joy for DECO have been such an inspiration to us all! I feel that life is a huge circle where give & take is working inside of me everyday 🙂
DECO.09.26.2014.01 DECO.09.26.2014.02 DECO.09.26.2014.03 DECO.09.26.2014.04 DECO.09.26.2014.05 DECO.09.26.2014.06 DECO.09.26.2014.07(Sorry if we didn’t get everyone’s photo…)

I am so grateful for this time in Moscow and can’t thank everyone enough! Thank you for all who attended the classes and to everyone who helped to organize and make this event a great success! I would also like to tell my mother what an inspiration she is to me and so many others.
With all that is happening in this crazy world, I felt there are no walls between our cultures, religions and language and that we are all one together through this wonderful friendship of DECO! I am so thankful and look forward to a great future together…

All my best to all of you, Yukiko

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