A day of Thanks…

I hope you all had a heartwarming Thanksgiving!

I just got back to Honolulu in time for this favorite holiday and decided to have quite time with Tim. We attempted a home cooked meal this year… I have to admit that Tim is really good cook. He is so talented many things and when it comes cooking seems to always have it under control… He made a super tasty Turkey this year! Yes, I know I am so lucky!
We had a stuffing cook-off to see who’s got the “stuff” to make a great stuffing… Tim went for an oyster stuffing and mine was sausage & many greens.  I must say, they both came out delicious. The judging decided it a tie! I also tried pumpkin mélange pie from a recipe I found from Martha Stewart Living November issue.
I tried couple recipes from this magazine for this special day, and without fail, Martha came thru for me!

It has been very busy this year and this Thanksgiving was just wonderful chance to slow down to remember all the good things we are thankful for.  It was just nice to be home and enjoy the simple gratitude of this day… Thank you!

When Tim got home from Japan, he noticed that the Monarch butterflies had found their way the crown flower he planted. They love this plant and the caterpillars basically eat the whole thing.
When he arrived there were over a dozen of these amazing creatures in the Chrysalis phase of development and after a few short days had emerged to spread their wings and claim the title of “King” of butterflies.
When I saw the photos, I couldn’t believe how pretty they were!
All of this nature around us is such an inspiration and joy.  Each and every moment, we are thankful for these gifts.

Thank you!


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