31 Lavender Stalks #decoclaychallenge2019

We are pleased to invite you to the #decoclaychallenge2019. The Russian DECO community has held this game for six years now. Each December we have fun sharing and creating these beautiful keepsakes.

Please join us and share your photos with your fellow artists. It’s high time to start!

The rules are simple:

  • One day – one branch of Lavander made with by Claycraft by DECO
  • Four photos for this month. Every week. For example, on 12/3 = 3 lavender stalks, 12/12 = 12, and finally 12/31, you will have a beautiful bouquet of 31 lavender stalks.
  • Please post photos to Instagram and use the hashtag #decoclaychallenge2019 for your post. Don’t forget to include @claycraftbydeco
  • December 31st, you will have completed a bouquet of 31 lavender stalks.
  • This is a charity event for a good cause.
  • Connect with new DECO friends

Wish you an Inspiration and a beautiful December full of magic💫

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