2016 DECO Calendar Photo shoot

This summer has been filled with lots of creativity of all kinds… When things get this crazy busy I just try to follow my heart and believe in what I love and somehow things come together. DECO.Blog.08.06.2015.01I am so thankful to be surrounded by such a great team – each and everyone. Thank you!
Yesterday we completed photographing the 12 monthly projects for the new calendar. DECO.Blog.08.06.2015.022016 will be our 3rd Calendar with each one better than the next!
Thank you David Murphy for your amazing photography and great team spirit!DECO.Blog.08.06.2015.03These are always such a great inspiration lasting the entire year…

Our Hawaii, Japan and Russia teams all collaborated on this year’s calendar.DECO.Blog.08.06.2015.04It was so much fun discussing all our ideas together and in the end many beautiful pieces were created. DECO.Blog.08.06.2015.05Great job Team DECO!!!The calendar will be ready sometime around the middle of October and we are so excited to share this with everyone!

Now our focus is on our book projects and has been for at least the last 6 months. Now that the calendar is done, 100% full speed ahead… The book photo shoot is scheduled for September.

Along with all of this there is a lot of exciting news to share ahead! Stay tuned 🙂

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