2015 has been great year so far!

We have so many exciting plans for the year ahead and are very grateful for these opportunities of sharing with everyone!

This winter we have many international students visiting from far away lands. There are two students from Mongolia , one from Moldova and another student coming from Russia this weekend. DECO.02.06.2015.01Everyone is working very hard completing projects and learning many new clay crafting techniques. DECO.02.06.2015.02 We are so excited having them in our studio and in return leaning so much about their home countries. It is a small world after all 🙂

The Hawaii DECO team has been celebrating our birthdays together! DECO.02.06.2015.04We took a day to celebrate ALL our birthdays at once since they are all so close! We are all born under the Aquarius sign in the DECO Hawaii office! Not sure how this happened but it did. DECO.02.06.2015.05To stir things up a little. we decided to go on a snorkeling tour in the Kaneohe Bay where there is this huge sand bar – it was a blast! Still makes me smile thinking about it. We worked up a great appetite and stopped for Mexican food on the way back to town… Happy Birthday to us ALL 🙂

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