Yes, you read correctly, the 2010 DECO CLAY CALENDAR IS HERE!  We are really excited to have our CLAY ART FOR ALL SEASON book made into a 12 month calendar, published by Island Heritage.  Our calendar will be one of Island Heritage’s new designs for the year 2010!  I’m very happy with the way the calendar turned out; the photos were enlarged to show detail and the brightness of the colors was enhanced.  We’re all very excited…wait did I say that already?  🙂 Well, it makes us quite “giddy” to see the calendar being offered in major bookstores and this in turn will expose our craft to the public in a whole different way.


I will be heading off to Japan, once again, to teach the instructors there the new Curriculum 3 projects thru the month of March.  I will be following my usual itinerary with stops to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu.  And this time, my Mother and I are adding Hong Kong to our teaching tour.  We will be offering the members in Hong Kong the Tropical Flower Course as well as the new instructor classes.

Once I return from my trip, in April, the Curriculum 3 classes will begin in Hawai’i.  This first session will focus on new floral techniques on wedding themes.

Before I end this note, just wanted to share a Hydrangea bouquet I completed for a bride.  Who could resist a lush bouquet of Hydrangeas? (Every time I make them, I like them more and more)  The added bonus of having it made with DECO CLAY is that it will keep throughout the ceremony, reception, and will become a keepsake long after the wedding!



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  1. Hasmin Cannon

    So cool, a calendar!!! what next Yukiko?! 🙂

  2. Debashri

    I LOVE the calendar :)…. it is SO SO beautiful