10th Hawaii DECO Anniversary surprise party

Yesterday was such a nice surprise!  Everyone threw a 10th Hawaii DECO Anniversary surprise party for me at the studio where  I was greeted with a shower of sparkling confetti as I entered and enveloped in heartfelt hugs, leis, and presents.
Many longtime friends and members that I haven’t seen in while came to celebrate this special occasion with me.  The studio was so cute with all the pastel colored party balloons and streamers hanging from the ceiling.  There were even HUGE white paper Peony too!!

Tim and the DECO staff put hard work into bringing me to the party without suspicion (especially since it was a Sunday); but it was clever idea to have Tim “take me out to lunch” while Marlo called unexpectedly to meet for an emergency situation at the Studio – those troublemakers! (Smiles)
The food was also very tasty – Tomato Pesto and Barbecue Chicken Pizzas, miniature fruit tarts, cream filled cannoli, fresh salsa and chips, and a few other yummy entrees; but my most favorite dish was the barbecue chicken pizza…so delicious!! All the food was catered by a natural foods company so it was healthier than most fast foods and the taste was great!

I enjoyed the food, presents, and atmosphere; but the BEST part of it all was the company.  It touched my heart to see so many people coming to celebrate this “almost forgotten” occasion – thank you!!  TEARS OF JOY!
This 10th Anniversary party was fun, exciting and unexpected; but also reminded me of one important lesson – time flies by fast, so enjoy and make every second count.



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