“Japanese Sweets” Wagashi Project

w0011. Cover Styrofoam ball (1 1/6” or 30mm) with clay.
2. Use plastic brush to add texture.
3. Create fabric-like texture using mesh.
4. Press on metal eye seizer on top of ball.
w015. Insert a tiny ball of clay in crater.
6. Roll out clay with press bar and add texture using mesh.  Use a needle tool and cut into small rectangular pieces.  Attach these pieces on ball.
7. Roll out white clay and attach a thin rope made from yellow clay.
8. Make thin cuts from one end to the other end.
w029. Gather piece together to make stamen. Cover Styrofoam ball with clay, then with a fabric of your choice. Glue stamen on top.

You have created three different types of “wagashi” or “Japanese sweets”.
Be creative and decorate with flowers.


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